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Designed With Our Customers In Mind.

Our line of products were developed with 4 core values.


1. Customer's safety.

2. The environmental impact must be low. 

3. Strength and quality cannot be compromised.

4. Made in Canada.

As a paint remover we thought the first 3 of these could take a while to develop, but we found a way and are proud to sell them to you and use them ourselves.

Technician safety is extremely important. Our products are all neutralized with water and have a very low odour, which is great for anyone using them all day long.

All products are biodegradable with water and are designed to have the least amount of waste on the market.  The viscosity (thickness) of Graffiti Syrup prevents dripping or clogging up brushes when applying it to graffiti on a vertical wall.  It also doesn't dry out quickly, which reduces waste by not requiring extra applications while working on breaking down graffiti paint.  

Try our Canadian made products and leave the hard work to them!

Graffiti Removal Products


Prices are listed in CANADIAN dollars. Use the currency converter to show current exchange rates and see what today's projected conversion rate will cost in US dollars.