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Our goal is to take the stress out of keeping your property looking its absolute best. Finding out that your property has been vandalized shouldn't ruin your day nor should it consume your valuable time. We offer quick and affordable solutions for taking care of your graffiti vandalism. Whether it's a one-time removal or an on-going maintenance program we take care of it. As professionals we only use the best products, equipment, and know-how to get your property looking its best again.

We understand that getting your building vandalized with graffiti feels like an attack. You want nothing more than to get the graffiti off and have your property looking its best again. This is why we act quickly at removing your graffiti. Using our environmentally responsible graffiti removal products we'll remove your graffiti fast, professionally, and at an affordable rate.

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If graffiti is a recurring problem for you and your property then one of our Maintenance Programs is recommended. Our SHIELD program is designed to make your graffiti problem a thing of the past. We'll patrol your property regularly and clean any and all graffiti immediately. One low monthly price gives you unlimited protection and piece of mind. Let us manage your graffiti so you don't have to. 

For more information on our SHIELD program or to customize your own program click HERE.



Does your property need a wash? Our hot water pressure washing will make your house, business, or fleet looking it's absolute best. With our commercial hot water pressure washers, surface cleaners, and trained staff we're sure to impress. 

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Kelowna and the Okangan Valley residential pressure washing

This is a FREE program intended to alert you when your property has been a target of graffiti vandalism. We will add your property to our list of Good Neighbours and check on it regularly. If your property gets vandalized we will contact you with photos so you can be a Good Neighbour and manage your graffiti. Whether that's having us take care of it or cleaning it yourself is entirely up to you.  SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE.

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