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Just like your average beaver, this product looks friendly, but is always ready to take a bite!


Formulated to be slightly stronger than Vamoose, this product is the perfect fit between Vamoose and Graffiti Syrup.  Removing directions are the same as Vamoose, but it has deeper penetrating power like Graffiti Syrup has for masonry products.  If you have a very absorbent surface that Vamoose doesn't reach down to, such as synthetic materials commonly used on benches or municipal garage cans, reach for a bottle of Beaver Bite. Like any beaver, water is its friend, so be sure to rinse with water and don’t let it dry on the surface.  


If ever needed, Beaver Bite can be mixed, added, or used with Graffiti Syrup, or applied to a surface prior to applying Graffiti Syrup. It can help reach deep into very porous surfaces, like some split-face block, or other masonry products.

Beaver Bite

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