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  • Do I need a pressure washer?
    Graffiti Syrup will require a pressure washer. Hot water is prefered, but not needed. The more volume and heat you use, the better results will be; however, letting product stay on the graffiti without drying out helps with removals. Beaver Bite and Vamoose do not require pressure washing.
  • Can I remove graffiti off of a painted surface?
    Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It depends on what type of painted surface you're talking about and what type of graffiti product was used (spraypaint, felt, etc...). A lot of factory painted surfaces can be easy to remove graffiti from with Vamoose or Beaver Bite. Trying Vamoose first is recommended. When removing from a painted surface, be prepared to have to repaint the surface. Graffiti removers cannot tell the difference between what is suppose to be removed and what is suppose to stay. Because many paints or liquids used to graffiti with are oil based (or have a base stronger than latex paint) they can sometimes liquify the latex paint before the graffiti, which is why we recommend being prepared to paint before attempting a removal. Always try a sample area before attempting the whole removal to ensure you get the results you want.
  • Are your products safe for the environment?
    All of our products are biodegradable when they're diluted with water. Since a pressure washer is required for Graffiti Syrup, it is always diluted with water. Make sure to rinse everything on the surface that had graffiti, as well as the surounding area that it may have been in contact with when washing. Beaver Bite and Vamoose are normally wiped up with a scouring pad and rag, so they can be rinsed when full of paint and graffiti. We recommend using a rag as many times as possible before rinsing it. Once rinsed and dried, it can be used again, but make sure it doesn't tranfer any old paint back onto a surface if it's not thoroughly washed. We also don't offer graffiti wipes because of their impact on the environment.
  • Why don't you sell graffiti wipes?
    We don't offer graffiti wipes because of the environmental impact. Many graffiti wipes in the industry are individually packaged and include single use packaging, single use gloves, throw away paper towel, and one job could require multiple wipes! We recommend putting a bottle of our Vamoose and/or Beaver Bite into a kit, such as a small sealable box along with some scouring pads, clean rags, reusable gloves, a bottle of water, and eye protection. One kit that's the same size as a box of wipes can be used hundreds of times, with a fraction of the waste. No matter what products you choose to use, think about the environmental impact before convenience.
  • What temperatures can I remove graffiti in?
    The ideal temperatures for removing graffiti are between 5 and 25 degrees Celcius, (41 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). Many situations will allow you to do great removals outside of these perameters, such as being in the shade in the summer so product doesn't dry as quickly, or doing a removal on a surface that might have a different temperature than the outside temperature (i.e. surface thats been in the sun all day when the weather is at the freezing point outside.) Make sure to always store products at room temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

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