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While you were pouring maple syrup on your breakfast you may have noticed the viscosity. Easy to spread, soaks in without drying up, and gets the job done, every time, just like like our Graffiti Syrup does.


We developed this product after years of using products that were either very liquid, or way too thick to even stir.  The thickness of Graffiti Syrup also reduces waste because it clings to the brush and doesn't clog up.  It was important for us to produce a product that isn't being wasted by our customers.


Graffiti Syrup is great for professionals who need to remove paint, felt, waxes, & ink from stone, brick, concrete, & wood.  "Paint" over graffiti and let it dwell for 20-45 minutes, depending on the substrate and paint product.  Don’t let the product dry on the surface.  Apply more if needed during the dwell time.  Once the paint starts to liquify, remove with hot water pressure washing from multiple angles. These steps can be repeated if required.

Graffiti Syrup

Excluding GST/HST

Porous surfaces are surfaces that are commonly found on most masonry products, such as concrete, bricks, etc.  This product does work on any surface, but may not be required.  It can work on metal surfaces, but Vamoose or Beaver Bite would be an easier option as they can be used without a pressure washer.

Concrete has many small pores, which allows air and water to move through it.  Paint works the same way, so allowing the product to cling and liquify the dried paint is required.  When product dries up, or isn't liquid enought to get onto the micro surfaces of a substrate, it leaves a shadow or even paint behind.  Graffiti Syrup viscosity is the perfect middle ground for clinging power and liquidity for getting deep into the pores, without being as harsh as most liquid products used on masonry graffiti.