Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Whether it's a one time need, or monthly patrolling and maintenance, follow these simple steps and we'll take care of the rest. 

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Graffiti Can Happen To Anyone

We understand that getting your building hit with graffiti feels like an attack.  This is why we act quickly and it's important for you to do the same.  The sooner graffiti is removed, the more likely it won't reappear.  Call us when you find graffiti on your property and we'll be there to remove it and help prevent it from happening again.

1.  Take a photo of your graffiti that includes the whole side of the building or wall that it's on.

2.  Take a second photo up close of the graffiti.  Make sure to fill at least 50% of the frame with the graffiti.

3.  Email us the 2 photos with RMGQ and your address in the email subject line.

I.E. - RMGQ 100 Harvey Ave Kelowna, BC. Please include your name and phone number and a brief description of the situation, if needed.

4.  We'll email you a quote (as well as a Shield Program Quote) for the removal that you can accept or decline.

Canada & US  (Outside Of The Okanagan Valley)

Since we aren't able provide our services outside of the Okanagan Valley, we'll help find you a local company that uses our products, or help you work through the job yourself with our products.  

Contact us with your photos and we'll get started!

Sign up for our Graffiti Shield Program and enjoy what hundreds of businesses already enjoy: Unlimited Graffiti Removals At One Flat Monthly Rate.

Any existing graffiti is included when you start on a program, which will immediately save you money on your first few months of being on the program.

Your property will have regular scheduled monitoring, which provides unlimited graffiti removal on the spot with zero additional fees or hassles.


Any size of property, city zone, or park will benefit from our Shield Program.  Business Improvement Associations, malls, condominiums, stand alone buildings, houses, parks, city blocks, are a few example of what we currently manage.


Let us take care of the graffiti, so you can get back to the business that matters most to you.

Call or email us today for a free quote.

Download Our Shield Program Information Page Here.

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