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Starting A Graffiti Removal Business

Congratulations and welcome to your new business!

Getting here is probably the hardest part of starting your own business and you've done it.  Now that you've made the decision to get started on your own new business, the rest will be learned here!

The following PDF's will walk you through everything you'll need to know to get started on your own.  You can use these PDF's as many times as you need.

This module will go through the process of building a business plan.  Learn what you need to address before starting out.  Follow the Business Plan Template and work on it throughout the entire course.  

You will also learn how to prepare for your expenses to make sure you're set up to succeed by minimizing surprises as you grow your company.

1.1 Business Plan  

1.2 Insurance, Business Structure, & Regulations

1.3 Safety Plan

Business Plan Template

Annual Budget Plan Template

One-Off Costs Budget

Conversion Chart

Module 2 is about how your customers will perceive your business.  We all know how important first impressions are, so you'll need to have a marketing plan together to kick off your business with a bang!  This is a very valuable module because whether you like specific branding/advertising/social media or not, a lot of your customers probably do.  It's a great way to earn trust without even meeting a customer, so open the doors with this module before stepping out with the wrong foot first.

2.1 Choosing A Company Brandname

2.2 Company Image

2.3 Marketing Budget

2.4 Social Media

2.5 Online

Marketing Plan Template

Marketing Budget Template

Your finances will determine your overall success in your business.  If you can generate revenue and be a profitable business, you will find longevity and be on your way to realizing your goals that you've set prior to this point.  This module will explain common terms that you'll hear when speaking with your accountant, accounts payable departments, and the government. 

You will also learn how to set up your business to keep track of your expenses, invoices, inventory, and so on with accounting software.

Guidance on what you need to do for taxes and regulatory obligations is covered here.  Homework in this section is very important, so you don't have unfamiliar financial questions as you grow your business.

3.1 Terminology

3.2 Accounting Software

3.3 Government Regulations (Taxes)

3.4 Should You Use A Professional

Module 4 walks you through exactly what you need to know before you make your businesses largest purchases.  It also will teach you how to set your equipment up once you've made those purchases.  Take your time with this module and work through it as you learn other modules.  Quick decisions rarely make things quicker.

4.1 Equipment

4.2 Trailer Setup

4.3 Safety Equipment

Equipment Checklist

Safety Equipment Checklist

Nozzle Size Chart

Pressure Washer Diagram

Plumbing Configuration 1

Plumbing Configuration 2

Welcome to the world of graffiti.  Before selling your work, you'll need to find graffiti and identify it as graffiti.  This module is about what is happening that makes it possible to have a business dedicated to graffiti removal.  You'll learn the terminology that is used on the streets, what tools are used to create graffiti, as well as why it's important to remove graffiti.  Become the professional on everything about graffiti!

5.1 Importance Of Removing Graffiti

5.2 Identifying Graffiti

5.3 Tools Used To Graffiti

Module 6 takes you into the technical side of doing graffiti removal work.  You will learn about different surface types, what products you'll need for these surfaces, what equipment is required for different surfaces/products, and how to paint like a professional when removing isn't an option.

6.1 Surface Types

6.2 Removal Techniques

6.3 Painting

Painting Diagram 1

Painting Diagram 2

Painting Diagram 3

The most important module in the course.  You will learn important tips on driving vehicles to job-sites (safety in certain situations such as parking), what is required (or should be) when working with products and high pressure equipment, and much more to keep you and your staff safe.

Maintenance can also be a safety concern, so you will also learn about maintaining your equipment in this module as well.

7.1 Job-site Safety

7.2 Product Safety

7.3 Equipment Maintenance

Coworker Communications

Pressure Washer Diagram

Equipment Maintenance Checklist

Making money is the most important part of keeping a business open.  This module will teach you how to put out effective job quotes at the right prices.  

It will also cover how to generate a reoccurring revenue stream.

8.1 Equations For Quotations

8.2 Maintenance Programs

8.3 Profitability

Graffiti Shield Information Page

Practice Quote Sheets

Finding new clients is the most important part of a new businesses growth and success.  This module will teach you how to find graffiti removal jobs, find the customers, and turn them into life long customers.  This module will teach you how to contact customers with a confident formula that has worked for many other graffiti removal companies, and what founded Remove My Graffiti.

9.1 Generating New Clients

9.2 Maintaining Relationships

9.3 After The Sale

Congratulations! You're on your way to starting an exciting new career.

You can always contact Remove My Graffiti Inc. for ongoing support as you work through setting up and operating your new company.  

We're always happy to help.


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